AgonyMC - We're back.

Jif posted Jan 30, 19

AgonyMC is Back!

The Management team is proud to announce that AgonyMC is back online!

Lots of bugs have been fixed, and new features have been added! You are able

to join our server with the IP "" We hope to see you online soon!

If you find any bugs or issues, let a staff member know! laughing

-Red (UnbanJif)


Jif posted Jan 23, 18

Alright. When I said 2 weeks, I didn’t expect worldedit to just die on us.


Once we release, if you see any bugs, please report them. If you abuse them, you'll be banned.

Here’s what we’ve added, and is ready for release:




New Spawn is finished!

We’re finally done our spawn!


We’re going to use it for release, so stay tuned.

We added this thing!

What is "this thing"? you may ask...

There are 25 of these little crates scattered around our new spawn.

If you find one, right-click it to receive 250$ Ingame Cash.

Once you find all 25 of them, you'll get some cool loot!

We added sell wands!

Sell wands are enchanted blaze rods

that when you right-click them, they sell

all of the items in the chest. Currently, they

are aligned with the /warp mobshop, and

are hooked up to the most expensive mines!

These are SUPER useful for players that have grinders!

We redid the server store!

The new update for the shop includes:

New sidebar widgets

Moved sidebar widgets

New Expenses Goal widget

Background color changed

Packages added

Packages removed

Boosters modified

GUI Icons updated (They look awesome!)

Rainbow Armor

Fancy Smancy rainbow armor up for grabs

on our server store (/buy ingame or!

It's super smooth, and you can toggle it whenever.

You can even PVP with it on! (idk why but who cares)


Custom tags have been added onto the

server store! (/buy ingame or

You can choose the bracket color, and the text inside!

It's personal to you, and it's a discounted price right now!

1.11 Update

We've fully updated the entire server to 1.11!

You can join with any client version higher than 1.11!

(1.11.2, 1.12, 1.12.2, etc.)

Notice: We kept 1.8 combat mechanics because it's a pvp server...

Release date / 60% off sale.

With our dreadful, bug-filled beta coming to an end, we're proud to announce:

The server is done.

I don't mean DONE done, but the majority of the development and building has finished.

Tons of work has gone into this server, and it's finally here. It's finally ready for you to come and enjoy!

For those of you who have been here through the development of the server, and has supported it in any way.

Thank you.

Please take this genuinely. You've reported bugs. You've suggested features.

You're our audience. We NEED you.

And with that being said, the release is ON THE WAY.

We're still finding a date where all of the staff are available.

We're also going to have a 60% off ALL STORE ITEMS sale on our server store for the first week of release!

Thank you for reading this post!

I'm so excited to be releasing the server! It's such a good feeling!



We know that our server has been off and on, and completely dead lately.

We acknowledge that, and we're striving to grow as a community.

On another note, we're super excited to announce the following news:


That's right! The new spawn is FINALLY DONE!

We hope to see you on the server soon!

The new spawn hasn't made the switch yet,

but it's 100% complete and ready to go!

More info on release:

The server will be releasing in the next 2 weeks.

Our goal is to have it release next week.

If it isn't next week, it'll be the following week for sure.

*cough cough* 60% off release sale? *cough cough*

As with any major update, there will be bugs.

Please take the time to report them on the forums.

More info will follow regarding dates...

See you at release!

The lag.

Jif posted Oct 12, 17

yay lag fixed

puposaurus NOw i CAN AFK 24/7
KingKottlewing Great! Hopefully the server doesn't crash again :p

Changelog - October 9

Jif posted Oct 9, 17

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