Changelog - October 8

Jif posted Oct 9, 17

Voting Abuse - Important

Duane_ posted Sep 4, 17


It has come to our attention that there has been an abuse of our voting system. By using certain techniques players can bypass the 7 limit vote maximum and vote 5 more times. We do not condone this action and the usage of it will result in disqualification of the monthly voting rewards. So please stick to our limit if you want a potential chance of winning a coupon to our store.

-Supervising Admin team

AlexDude1633 I dont know how to do such thing, but thank you for not counting them to the top voters.
iiizombie Thanks for making a post on this reoccurring problem.

AgonyMC may be just a regular Minecraft server, but to us, we're more than that, we're a community. We inspire to be about making new friends, communicating, having a blast and building an indestructible community. So join us this October for the Grand Opening of not only a Minecraft Server but, a strong community that strives for the very best.

an29dy Great news, excited for release, and the future gamemodes and such the server will bring.
puposaurus can't wait 'till creative comes out!

Top Voters of August 2017

Duane_ posted Aug 30, 17

August, 2017

The month has finished, and three users have been rewarded.
Our winners are:

recornmerk12 - 148 votes
an29dy - 147 votes
iiizombie - 137 votes

All three of these users have received a $50.00 buycraft coupon!  The votes will be reset on the first of September. So be prepared for the first and get voting to be one of the next winners!

Inventory / Echest bug.

Jif posted Aug 29, 17


I regret to inform you that our server has recently had another issue regarding player data. This has happened in the past, but it was long ago, and we didn't have many/any loyal players at that point. Unfortunately, this issue has reset ALL exp, ALL inventories, and ALL echests. Playervaults, money, votes, and plot chests have NOT been reset. Any items that you have purchased with IRL money will be reimbursed. Just make a post on the forums, or let a staff member know.

We're switching hosts to a much better option, that will hopefully prevent lag. Unfortunately, anything that was not purchased on the store, we are unable to recover. Please keep in mind that we ARE in beta, so bugs can happen. We are installing a new backup system, where we can roll back the damage if something like this were to happen again.

We have locked down the server temporarily while we switch hosts, as anything done past this point until the server is online again WILL NOT be saved.

Our team sincerely apologizes for this major incident. We are now going to be taking further measures to assure you this will not happen ever again.

 - Red

iiizombie Aw that sucks. But bugs were expected. All I ask is that I get my agony axe and my God pickaxe back (they were in my end...
an29dy Not sure if this is the right place to say it, but can you add the 7th vote link to the website?
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